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Art Consulting

Stauer Diana "Ladies of the world against violence" project founder

VIP Art Consulting and Client Representation

The core element of DiArt advisory service lies in handling the acquisition and sale of artworks.

Art expert D.A.Stauer puts emphasis on finding optimal solution to the clients’ objectives, so a professional advising on the changes that would add value  to the collection could be made.

DiArt is offering private VIP art consultancy, which includes assistance with every aspect of buying and selling, from a necessary research about the art piece, to negotiating contracts and terms, art fair guidance and auction representation.

Expert knowledge of the art market and access to a global network of contacts, art fair specialists and dealers, DiArt is providing collectors with the VIP-guided access to unique opportunities.

“What is a purpose of our life? I found it in the creation of a unity of different elements, something embracing the whole aspects of our life, something that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. I believe in synergy, which  in Ancient Greek means “working together”.

I believe into the intercultural and interdisciplinary approach for resolving of the problems, viewing each challenge as an opportunity. It might seem as you would have more obstacles on your way. It might seem a chaos of small things. But once everything you have done is well-structured, all those small pieces will fall into its place and will form a powerful synergy of visual and audial, traditionally enchanting and creatively innovative, theoretical and practical, locally appraised and  of international importance.

So, in a way, art market is a synergy. Here the role of the art consultant is to ensure the artistic quality of the artwork. Therefore, the art consultant is the key element who chairs the art committee for the project and in many cases will also act as project manager and would guide art acquisition process. In the end all worries go away, and what matters is that you have the unique art piece that you wished to add to your collection.”

Diana Avgusta Stauer