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Art Ankara 2016. Artist D.A.Stauer

Diana Avgusta Stauer (D.A.Stauer), born in the capital of Siberia, Novosibirsk. In 2005, Diana participated in the beauty contest and was awarded with the crown “Miss Tourism Siberia”. This and other titles won over the years have seen protagonist and cover girl of different Russian and international beauty and fashion magazines.

Today she is known as an VIP Art consultant and a truly international art expert, yet being an eclectic polyvalent artist herself: she is a published writer, poet, internationally acknowledged artist, movie actress and fashion model, actively involved in art, culture and video projects. Author of the idea and producer of the video projects on art, culture and traveling, The keys of the Arch and Best in the World with Miss Siberia. Founder of the international art and awareness project Ladies of the World against Violence.

Diana studied linguistics at the Irkutsk State Linguistic University where she also obtained a master of intercultural communication; she speaks English, French, German, Italian, Russian; she also speaks Spanish, Hebrew and Arabic. Her further studies at the Novosibirsk  Classical Art and Science State University enabled her to achieve a more profound  level of knowledge by studying philosophy, psychology and art. After that she has studied business and management in Moscow Business School, while living and working in Moscow. Then, as she was working in Italy, she has continued her education there, taking classes from the professors of Brera Fine Arts Academy, Milan. Among her most famous art professors are Gino Masciarelli and Gamal Meleka. She took a private course at the Université Paris-Sorbonne on history of art, while living and working in Paris. 

Her career as a writer began with the novel “Drowned in the Heavens.” In addition to having written five books (Diary of my Happy Moments, Indian Sunrise, Magic of Colors & the visual art of Adriana Santacruz, Silver Aster and Drowned in the Heavens), published on more than 40 digital-international platforms such as Kindle, iTunes and Amazon, she is also a cultural journalist, being a curator of the Russian section of “Artslife”.

Diana Avgusta Stauer is an artist at 360′. Since 2014 Diana has been actively participating in the artistic movement In-Flusso, founded by her maestro Gino Masciarelli. With In-Flusso she has taken part in the exhibitions of contemporary art in Italy.

A Palazzo Cusani, however, during the Milan Design Week in April 2014, took place her art performance at the beautiful Brera Art Quarter, which  became a book: Magic of Colours and the Visual Art of Adriana Santacruz

Another source of inspiration for this book was the Colombian fashion designer Adriana Santacruz who has unveiled her new brand Ambassadeur, Diana Avgusta Stauer at the Paris Fashion Week 2014.

In November 2014 D.A.Stauer became the artist of the month at IGAV (Institute of Visual Arts Garuzzo), and was among the artists of the IGAV exhibition series “Contemporary Visions” (in Capri, Milan, Shanghai).

Since November 2014 D.A.Stauer is carrying out the project to combat violence against women, “Ladies of the world against violence”, which has started with his personal art exhibition “Ladies of the World: beauty saves the world.” The new personal exhibition of Diana Avgusta Stauer in 2015, not having the fear of explosions happened in Ankara, has attracted the attention of Turkish media and brought Diana a prestigious prize: the award for the contribution to fight against violence by the realisation of her art project Ladies of the World against Violence.

On the day of November 7, 2015 in fact, the Soroptimist Club, which is part of Soroptimist International global movement actively engaged in transforming the lives of women, young girls and children, has given Diana Avgusta Stauer a prize for her cultural contribution in the fight against gender violence.

D.A.Stauer is a passionate artist who works primarily with oil and acrylic on canvas. She has united more than 200 paintings into collections like “Africa” and “Ladies of the world against violence,” WatermelonQueenArt, Japanese Style and others. She has donated over 50 artworks to charity organizations. 

Being an eclectic artist, she is pursuing projects that are both “work in progress” and interdisciplinary.

For example, starting from her first book of poetry in English Indian Sunrise, D.A.Stauer has transformed the rhymes in pictures, in the form of paintings. Another example is her book “The keys of the Arch” which in its turn has inspired a real series of documentaries on art, culture, traveling.

In 2016 the artist D.A.Stauer was invited by Dr. Kamenetskaya Natalia, curator, author of critical articles, Chairman of the Gender section of the ‘Creative Union of Artists of Russia (http://www.tcxp.ru/union/about) – to enter the the Gender section and become a member of Creative Artists of Russia. 

Her artworks are exhibited in galleries and museums in Italy and other countries of the world, however D.A.Stauer is also managing sales of art for her clients.

Since 2016 DiArt VIP Art and Consultancy, with the leading art expert D.A.Stauer, has been working internationally, developing projects of art sale and acquisition for VIP clients, including private art collectors, luxury interior design companies and hotel development groups. 

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International Federaion of Artists of Russia http://www.tcxp.ru/catalog/noveyshie-techeniya/adova-diana-avgusta-valerevna-diana-avgusta-shtauer-dastauer
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