“This woman is an example of cross-cultural success in art and culture area. Here is she: a successful fashion ambassador, and Diana leading for women rights. Of Russian citizenship, birth and upbringing, she is a highly successful international supermodel. Her passion is art and her favourite country is Italy. She decided after 15 years of working all over the world to turn the page and give in to her passion, which has now become her profession: she has the art galleries in Italy and France, and her paintings are exhibited around the world. When I called her to tell her about our subject, I asked her, Diana, how do you explain your success? She replied, first of all, I am a woman and I choose to act as such, I have worked as a man works, but more than that it is the cultural richness that life has given me that has allowed me to break down doors and convey my passions.”

Dr. Hella Colleoni Zanetti Vice -President of API DONNA VI Female Entrepreneurship Forum Against Gender Discrimination, Greece, 2014

VIP Art & Consultancy