Ladies of the world against violence

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Ladies of the world against violence

Ladies of the world against violence” is an international project, that by means of culture, art and education is aiming at raising awareness of the problem of violence worldwide and provide actual help to the victims of violence via collaboration with the International Women Rights and Charity organisations, as well as religious institutions organising charity initiatives.

Founded in 2014 by artist and writer and anti-violence activist Diana Avgusta Stauer in Milan, the project is growing internationally.




2019 – WORLD ART ROAD SHOW, Moscow, Russia.

2019 – Personnal Art Exhibtion of Diana Stauer in Fort Lauderdale, USA.


2018 – Art Basel Miami,  Miami, USA

2018 – ART MIAMI SOBE Exhibition, Red Square Art Gallery, South Beach Miami.

2017, “Femmes Battues”, Mairie de Paris, Paris, France.

2016, Ambassador of Culture for Days of activism against gender violence, 2016, Lusaka, Zambia.

2016, May-June  – “CONTEMPORARY ART TO VENICE”, Mazzoleni Foundation Art Gallery, Venice, Italy.

2016, March 9-13 – “Ladies of the world against violence”. Art Ankara, Ankara, Turkey. Art Fair. The artist is represented by Firca Art Gallery.

2016, February – Installation of the artwork “Silence Kills” on the Wall of Dolls in Porta Ticinese, Milan. The installation of the dolls at the wall (Via De Amicis, 2, Cultural Center) was established in June 2014 as a testimony to the creativity, beauty and hope in the rejection of gender violence. 

2015 – “Ladies of the world against violence”. Firca Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey. Show art.

2015 – “Ladies of the world against violence”. Firca Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey. Charity exhibition.

2014 – “Ladies of the world against violence”, The SPACE, Milan, Italy. Personal exhibition.

The Key element of the project “Ladies of the world against violence” is Art, because is a diverse range of forms of communication (visual, auditory or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author’s imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty and emotional power. Thus it includes the production of works of art, the criticism of art, the study of the contemporary art, and the aesthetic dissemination of art.

The purposes of this art refer to intentional, conscious actions on the part of the artists or creator, who aims at bringing about a positive change in the lives of women in different countries of the world, to comment on the problems of modern society related to women abuse and gender violence, to convey a the emotions or moods of women in different circumstances, to address women’s psychology, to illustrate the importance of the issue of violence in the modern society.

Art for social causes.

“Ladies of the world against violence” Art is meant be used to raise awareness for a large variety of causes.

A number of art activities are aimed at raising awareness of violence, gender discrimination, and a variety of other topics,  human rights, murdered and missing women, young girls abuse, and women trafficking.

“Ladies of the world against violence” is a peaceful, cultural project, aiming at raising the level of awareness and education of the new generations, and giving better chances of secure life, education, work, life stability and happiness to women and children worldwide.

Every artwork sold gives a chance of a better life.


“Ladies of the World against Violence” is an art project to combat with violence internationally, that D.A.Stauer is realizing with the support of the International Women’s Organizations.

We travel between the Time and the Space of the Sinusoidal spiral of our spirit’s development. Do not be afraid as you cannot hide from what is there for you in life. There are times that women have to close their suffering face, but we shall never turn from our way to enlightenment and creation of the peaceful and happy life for women and children. This is the meaning of “Ladies of the world against violence” art exhibitions against violence worldwide.

Project founder: artist and writer D.A.Stauer.
Turkey project representative: Semra Sancak.


“Ladies of the World Against Violence”, Milan, 2014.

“Look at the lips of the paintings of Diana Avgusta Stauer. Not the eyes, but the lips. They are the true mirrors of the souls of their protagonists. Suspended as if willing to reveal an unspeakable secret, like those of Nefertiti, open to pronounce a condemnation or shout for their own salvation, as the priestess of the Druids, parted in an enigmatic smile, like those of Margaret, a happy conquest of which their victim is still unaware. These lips seal or open up a world to discover forever. Devouring, or leaving property in our contemplation.”

Guido Brivio

Professor of Estetics

Department of Philosophy

University of Turin, Italy

“Dear Diana, I just visited your exhibition. Congratulations to your subjects that combine iconography of Egyptian civilization as in the portraits of the Queen Nefertiti revisited with some research of realism typical of the West, resulting into hybrids that well define the fragile elegance of the feminine nature. Aware of the fact that perfection is a slow but a continuous process, I wish to refine it with dedication and grace that you certainly do not miss.

Best regards.”

Gabriele Guglielmino

Critic and historian of art,

Milan, Italy