S c r o l l D o w n


Диана Штауэр
Silence Kills. “Ladies of the world against violence” is an educational and awareness-raising project of art and social responsibility.

Goal: Ladies of the world against violence project aims to raise public
awareness and mobilize people everywhere to bring about change.
Mission: Culture is the most efficient measure in prevention of violence.
Raising awareness and creating charity projects we can have
better chances to live in a better world.

Why This Project is of international importance?

  • Violence against women is a human rights violation
  • Violence against women is a consequence of discrimination against women,
    in law and also in practice, and of persisting inequalities between men and women
  • Violence against women impacts on, and impedes, progress in many areas,
    including poverty eradication, combating HIV/AIDS, and peace and security
  • Violence against women and girls is not inevitable
  • Prevention of violence is essential
  • Violence against women continues to be a global pandemic
  • The most efficient for violence prevention are culture and education




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